Choose The Best Wine For Your Barbecue

One of the general rules to maintain a perfect harmony in the combination of grilled meat flavors is to do it with red wine. However, we must always take into account the type of meat in preparation and its way of doing it. It is obvious that red wine is the best option, however there are special occasions in which special wines of great concentration must be taken into account.

Grilled meats require a basic rule, maintain their own characteristics, with little treatment of aromas and an elemental seasoning that is salt to maintain a cooking that respects its texture and juices, taking into account that keeping it tender will achieve better results when making combinations.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Syrah and Malbec are good wines to combine with beef or grilled goat meat. Merlot is a good option to combine it with grilled beef. Similarly, for grilled chicken we can use light red wines such as Pinot Noir.

For grilled lamb meat everything depends on the age of the animal, since the intensity of its flavor will depend on the age of the animal, so if the lamb is young it is recommended to accompany it with a Shiraz and if the lamb is mature Cabernet Sauvignon or Carmenere is recommended.

The next time you have a special barbecue with your friends or with your family you will know how to make the right decision as far as wines are concerned, achieving the perfect combinations according to the meat you choose and thus having the best of your barbecues.