How To Grill The Perfect BBQ Ribs On The Grill

There are several secrets that many do not know when cooking or eating good BBQ ribs. In this article we want to tell you all the secrets so that you can cook the best grilled ribs.

What is the membrane? The membrane is this semi-transparent fabric that covers the back of the ribs, it is composed of collagen and proteins, therefore when cooked it changes its texture and becomes hard and tacky. The key to having juicy ribs is to remove the membrane from the ribs. If you have ever eaten ribs that you felt hard or tacky it is because they did not take it away.

Before roasting we recommend that you rub the meat with a mixture of spices to your liking, which will give it all the flavor. Now, keep in mind that the most common mistake when grilling ribs is to add BBQ sauce before and during cooking. By doing this the only thing you will achieve is to burn the sugars in the sauce and completely change the flavor of the meat and the smoked.

How to know if they are cooked

An easy method that you can use to know if the ribs are cooked, is that the bone should be slightly exposed, approximately ¼ inch or less than 1 cm of the exposed bone should be seen. The key is that the meat gently comes off the bone.

Remember that the times are very relative to the size of your ribs and you must adapt them to the temperature of your grill, since the temperatures between roasters can vary greatly. Something very common is roasting the ribs in an oven or wrapped in aluminum foil for 30 minutes to finish roasting on the coals and that acquire their characteristic smoky flavor. To finish them, we recommend you take them on the grill for 3 to 5 minutes on one side with sauce and others and 3 to 5 minutes on the other side with BBQ sauce.