Importance of fire in a barbecue, did you know this?

The perfect roast comprises a series of fundamental ingredients and steps that will guarantee you an amazing result. However, fire plays a fundamental role in the cooking process and there are some details that we must take into account:

But how do you know that coal is of good quality? This depends on the amount of spark generated when ignited. If there is a large amount of spark, the material is not of good quality and will surely have a lower yield.

Barbecues made with firewood provide a better flavor to the meat, however, greater attention is required, because they do not have a constant power and when consumed they could burn the meat before its total cooking is achieved.

How to determine the perfect grill temperature? There are several tricks that will help you do it like a professional. The most effective formula to do so is using our hand.

The fire can be considered as strong if we manage to keep our hand on the coals for only 1 to 2 seconds.

The fire is medium if we can stand 3 to 4 seconds on the grill.

The fire is low if we can stand 5 to 7 seconds on the grill. If the temperature is lower and our hand can remain above the grill more than indicated, it is not the ideal situation for roasting.

Finally, what is the ideal temperature for each cut? Although there are several techniques and styles to achieve perfect cooking, the best grills agree that the thickness of the cut is essential.

Thus, the less centimeters of thickness a cut has, the greater the intensity of the fire should be. If its thickness increases (in relation to the piece), the fire should be of less intensity, achieving a more uniform cooking.

Surely, putting into practice the advice provided today, we will enjoy a great barbecue day together with the ones we love most.