Tips And Tricks For Grilling

When choosing the right grill you must take into account the quantity of products to be cooked and the number of diners. For this, the following golden rule can be applied: if we have a grill about 50 cm deep, then we can grill and, simultaneously, two steaks or four sausages for each 10 cm wide space . We can easily calculate the size of the grill we will need based on the number of customers we expect based on previous experiences.

Direct heat: at maximum temperature

When this method is used, the food we want to prepare on the grill is placed directly on the heat and its surface is crispy. As food on the grill is made quickly, this method is ideal when it is necessary that the times between orders and the time to serve them be brief. The main advantages of this method is that it is very efficient and that only what is really necessary can be prepared. A disadvantage: the food that is being grilled needs constant attention, from beginning to end.

In general, this method is suitable for everything that needs a short cooking time and allows cooking with direct heat from the coals, such as fish, hamburgers, sausages or vegetables.

Indirect heat: more than bursts of hot air

All types of grills allow cooking with hot smoke and / or indirect heat. The precondition for this is that the grill has a cover or lid. Advantages: large amounts of food can be prepared and the meat will be tender and juicy. The disadvantage of this method: more time is needed because meat usually needs several hours to cook. Indirect heat is especially suitable for grilled foods that need to be cooked slowly, such as some large and thick cuts of meat, such as a leg of lamb or whole chickens, or as some harder vegetables that have to be done well by inside, like corn cobs or potatoes.

Pay special attention to poultry

There is a particularly high risk of getting bacterial infections, such as avian salmonellosis, so the main priority in these cases is to ensure the safety of customers. Poultry stored at a maximum temperature of 4 ° C should be used within a maximum of 5 or 6 days. It is advisable to let poultry that have been stored cold acclimatize at room temperature for about 30 before placing them on the grill. Cook the poultry immediately! Leaving this type of food uncooked for longer periods greatly increases the risk of bacterial contamination. If we are going to grill different types of meat on the grill, then we must reserve a set of different kitchen utensils for use exclusively with poultry.Poultry must always be well done and have an indoor temperature of around 75 ° C. This can be verified by making a cut in the meat: if you do not release pink juices, then the meat is well made.

Veal: opportunities for innovation

The veal must remain suspended for at least nine days and must have enough streaks of fat to ensure that the meat is juicy and tasty when grilled. The recommended storage time for raw veal is about three or four days at a temperature of 0 to 4 ° C. If you plan to make your own hamburger specialties, then always use chopped veal of superior quality with a sufficiently high fat content, but not excessive. It is always better to chop the meat yourself to make sure you control the contents perfectly.

Steaks and steaks are a classic of barbecues, and they always give us the opportunity to surprise when, for example, we use an unusual cut. Have you tried to make grilled veal skirt or churrasco, a cut of the veal from the finest part of the diaphragm? Thanks to the abundant streaks and the large number of connective tissues it has, this cut is a very special snack. To ensure that the meat is not damaged or loses its consistency, it is advisable to always use professional tongs instead of a fork.

Pork: it is recommended to cook it separately

In the past, everything with low fat content predominated, but today the trend is breeding by traditional techniques in which a significant proportion of fat is obtained. As with veal, barbecue experts now pay special attention to pork cuts that carry enough veins. According to their beliefs, some religions prohibit their followers from eating pork. Using warehouses, cooking facilities and separate utensils for the pig ensures that such religious beliefs are respected. In principle, the pig should be well done, but keeping a pink shade in the center when cut. The ideal temperature of the inner core should be between 65 and 70 ° C.

Fish: the delicate star of summer barbecues

Fish and seafood are a lighter alternative than meat. Due to its delicate structure, the correct way to treat fish is not always a simple task.  If you plan to serve portions of fish as an à la carte specialty, then whole fish, such as sardines or sea bream , are an ideal choice.

For a buffet you can resort to salmon or tuna fillets. Salmon fillets, for example, can be cooked on the grill with indirect heat by placing them on cedar plates to give the fish a very special aroma. E l can marinate fish also, but usually crumble if left to marinate more than two hours.